At Touchstone we are striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising working standards.

The Touchstone Systems Environmental Guarantee


  • Currently we work with Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council to ensure that all products and packaging that can be sent to recycling through the national kerbside collection scheme is prepared and separated properly for collection
  • Products not suitable for kerbside collection such as glass and electronic goods that no longer work are transported to recycling centres around Hampshire.
  • Electronic and large bulky goods that are still functioning but are being upgraded are offered on the National internet Freecycle Scheme.
  • We are a paperless office where possible, but where not, paper is either shredded and separated for composting, or set aside for pulping and recycling.
  • All compostable materials from the kitchen including coffee grounds, teabags, fruit and vegetable peelings etc are stored for composting
  • Tetra packaging which cant be recycled locally is washed out and flattened and posted back to Tetra (details available on their website).
  • Touchstone purchase almost all products used in bulk which cuts down on transportation, packaging and keeps lorries off the roads.
  • Client and meeting times permitting we are dedicated to using the best method of transportation possible including using trains and car sharing
  • We have installed technology that turns off lighting and electronic equipment where a room has ben vacated and left empty for specific periods of time
  • Last but not least, all lighting is provided by long life energy saving eco-friendly lightbulbs that are on timers

We encourage our clients, suppliers and friends to try to make any small but significant changes they can in their business and personal lives.