A Free and Detailed Guide of Document Scanning For Data Capture

Most businesses are drowning in paper of one form or another.   This paper generally has useful information in the form of customer data, accounts information (purchase orders, invoices, etc) or survey information.   Many organisations are now using form capture services to speed up their office processes and eliminate the requirement for costly, time wasting data entry.

Document Scanning For Data Capture

Both document scanning and data capture from paper help streamline an office’s document management. By having all documents available electronically, time and money is saved on searching for documents, posting and printing them while ensuring safe backups of hard copies.

Documents can be saved for visual use (as a TIF or JPG) which can then be emailed, faxed or made available for viewing on a web portal.  Alternatively, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can be used to read the data from each page and then convert this into computerised text.

Advantages of Document Scanning and Data Capture

These are a few of the benefits organisations have enjoyed when using data capture for their forms.

  • Documents are safe and securely backed up on to disk in the case of any loss or damage
  • Data Capture eliminates the need for data entry time and hiring data entry staff at extra costs
  • Documents and keywords can be found using a text search instead of time wasted searching through files manually
  • Costs saved on postage, printing, copying, searching and document storage. In the long run this is a guaranteed return on investment
  • Documents are text editable so they can be updated at any time

The accuracy rate for the capture of computerised text from forms is usually around 99.95%.

More information on the Touchstone Systems data capture from document services, and recommendations on document processing, technology and methods is included in the following free Document Scanning Guide.

Hint: Use the page controls at the edges of the page to turn, or click on the document to view full size, print or save locally.

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