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When loading data through an SSIS package, one of the problems we face is when data causes a step to fail.  If the source data contains 10,000 rows, how do we tell which row had the data that was too long, in the wrong format, null or caused the bad join? Well, when running in automated mode (via a SQL agent job), SQL will log the cause of the error (the error description and the column), but will not log anything


Most businesses are drowning in paper of one form or another.   This paper generally has useful information in the form of customer data, accounts information (purchase orders, invoices, etc) or survey information.   Many organisations are now using form capture services to speed up their office processes and eliminate the requirement for costly, time wasting data entry. Document Scanning For Data Capture Both document scanning and data capture from paper help streamline an office's document management. By having all documents available electronically, time


Processing Patient Data within an NHS hospital – a quick guide

The processing of patient data within any hospital or NHS Trust, is the bread and butter of the information service.   Detailing the patients that have moved into and out of a hospital, had procedures carried out, or have been seen by a clinician is the most common forms of data to be processed by a hospital. The following is the most common processes, considerations or terms used when processing and dealing


Top 10 things to watch out for in a data migration project

When undergoing a data migration, from one system to another, or from one database format to another, there are a number of common issues which crop up.  Any of these can cause the migration to fail.   These issues can be mitigated by careful planning before starting the migration project, and by comprehensive testing before the migration is signed off as complete. The top 10 data migration issues most likely to cause