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Things to check when your data warehouse loads take too long‏

If you ever find yourself suffering from slow data load problem, let me say without a doubt…. there is no situation where the loading of data into a data warehouse should go beyond a couple of hours. If a data warehouse here at WhippsX NHS Trust can load 2 years worth of data from 3 different trusts in less than 2 hours, any data warehouse should be able to load a days worth of data in a few


Top 10 things to watch out for in a data migration project

When undergoing a data migration, from one system to another, or from one database format to another, there are a number of common issues which crop up.  Any of these can cause the migration to fail.   These issues can be mitigated by careful planning before starting the migration project, and by comprehensive testing before the migration is signed off as complete. The top 10 data migration issues most likely to cause