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With the introduction of SQL Server 2012, it is worth looking at the features available in the different versions of SQL Server, and the benefits that they bring. The following list the major features (and a few negatives) for each upgrade step from SQL 2005 to 2012. Note, SQL Server 2012 SP1 is now available, and brings very few new features, but improves performance and satiability. SQL Server 2005 to 2008 • Transparent Data Encryption. The ability to encrypt


There is a bug in SQL Server 2008 and 2005.  When you try and link a 64 bit server to a 32 bit server, the select of data can fail.   But the fail is not obvious. When you say "select * from linkedserver.mydbname.dbo.table" it will return a message about stored procedures such as: The stored procedure required to complete this operation could not be found on the server. Please contact your system administrator. This is because