Touchstone Data Services

Our Data Services provides data migration, data warehouse creation, and business reporting to allow you to obtain value from your existing business data

Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence is the use of timely and accurate information used to make informed decisions. This will typically include a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analysing, and providing access to data. Generally, activities include decision support, query and reporting, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining.

Touchstone Systems provides consultancy, development and solutions for Business Intelligence based around these principles. In particular, consultancy and solutions are based around two Business Intelligence concepts:

  • Data Warehouse Development

  • Business Intelligence Tools

Touchstone Systems has developed considerable skills and is committed to working with organisations to produce innovative and cost effective e-business intelligence solutions incorporating industry-leading technologies. This includes (but is not limited to):

Ascential Software products for data management   business intelligence solutions using Business Objects
  Ascential Software     Business Objects

Touchstone systems utilise DataStage from Ascential Software as the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) tool of choice when constructing robust data warehouses as part of a complete e-business intelligence solution

Business Objects is the selected e-business intelligence tool used by Touchstone to provide innovative, scalable and user-friendly e-business intelligence solutions to a variety of customers.


Our intelligence solutions can be deployed in various areas catering for the most challenging needs:

Strong data warehousing and management information systems expertise ensures that the data our customers receive is collated, cleaned and structured to their specific requirements.


Information Portals
E-intelligence portals can give coordinated access to information through a single point

Major features of utilising an e-intelligence portal are:

  • Single point of access for all information by employees, partners, suppliers and customers regardless of location, method of connection and device used

  • Accessibility via individual security clearance

  • Tailored to specific requirements of an organisation

  • Single portal allows re-use of new reports shared within the organisation

The major benefits include:

  • Browser look and feel

  • Access to information from anywhere (subject to security restrictions) including from mobile devices, PDAs and anywhere with Internet access

  • Common access point reduces training and allows integration with other internal systems such as Intranet, Sharepoint or internal applications

  • Seamless connection to Business Intelligence Information

  • health planners and managers with the information they need to use NHS resources effectively.


Information is the life blood of a company; whether its information on customers, accounts or service. Data should flow, connect and allow easy analysis of situations, trends and growth. If data is in the wrong format, wrong location or out of date, its value is almost removed.