Informix Data Migration

Our Informix specific data migration, data warehouse creation, and business reporting allows you to obtain added value from your existing Informix business data

Informix Data Migration Services

Touchstone Systems provides a wide range of Informix related services including data migration, creation of data warehouses for reporting from Informix data sources, and Informix data amalgamation. We provide a custom migration service which is based on your data, which ensures a worry free migration based around the following:

  • Migration or feeds into a wide range of databases and formats including; Oracle, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, DB2, CSV, XML, etc
  • Migration of all data or your selected tables, databases, columns or rows
  • Checksums at row and column level at both extraction and load events to ensure all data is migrated
  • Migration of table structures, procedures, indexes, and data as you require
  • Trail migrations for testing and proof of migration formats
  • Minimum down time of any live transaction database during data migration
  • Ability to apply data cleansing rules into Informix data as part of data migration
  • Feeds into multiple destinations such as transaction and reporting data bases
  • Amalgamation and consolidation with other data sources as part of migration
  • Migration and data reporting created using our custom data processing software
  • Cost effective, worry free data migration services

Touchstone Systems has developed considerable skills for data migration and cleansing, and is committed to working with organisations to produce innovative and cost effective solutions incorporating industry-leading technologies.

Typical Cost

Whilst the cost of an Informix migration project will vary depending on the number of tables and columns to be migrated, a typical Data Migration project will cost around £6,700 when carried out by Touchstone Systems, based on our current day rates. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide an exact quotation for you.

No Worries with our Peace of Mind Guarantee

When considering a data migration or data reporting project, the last thing you need is to risk the project through non delivery, price changes or unexpected complications. Our unique piece of mind guarantee ensures that you get the results you expect, at the price we agree, by the date promised, or you don’t pay – it’s that simple. We are so confident of this guarantee, we don’t even ask for stage or upfront payments. You pay only when we deliver and when you are happy we have met your expectations.

Information is the life blood of a company; whether its information on customers, accounts or service. Data should flow, connect and allow easy analysis of situations, trends and growth. If data is in the wrong format, wrong location or out of date, its value is almost removed.

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