Data Migration

Touchstone offers a full range of data migration service, allowing data transfer and database move from a wide variety of databases including IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL , Microsoft Access and other databases.

Our data migration service uses the most innovative ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) solutions to allow easy migration of data, schema, procedures and other objects between multiple databases. Data migration can be carried out either as a one-off exercise, or can be defined to allow regular updates of information from one database to another.

The two of the most important aspects of any data migration work is the validation of the data, and the cleansing/transformation of the data. Our range of services allows these options to be included to ensure that the data migrated from one format to another does not compromise the integrity of the receiving database, whilst providing the most efficient database structure and index schema.

All of our work, including supplied products and contractor/consultancy resources are fully covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Touchstone service for data migration, and the ETL tools we utilise for this work, has a number of key advantages key advantages over standard 'hard coded' data migration techniques:

Comprehensive and Integrated Solution (All-in-One) - Easy Conversion at the Lowest Cost and Within Shortest Time

We can help build a migration solution with the help of separate tools performing partial conversion (data transfer/ETL, ER diagram, procedures etc.).

Our data migration service provides a full solution for migration process transferring data, database schema, business logic (stored procedures, functions and triggers). Our solutions automatically handles all changes between interdependent objects and facilitates the application conversion requiring minimum resources and time to complete a migration project.

Specialised and Highly Adaptive Solutions – Eliminates Risks and Hidden Costs of Migration

Your conversion requirements are unique because you have unique databases and applications.

Most tools convert only typical issues. They generate cumbersome code. In most cases, they cannot be adjusted to all your specific requirements. As a result, you spend considerable time and money completing and refining the conversion.

Our solution typically handles a great number of minor differences between the different databases by generating intelligible code based on the specific database/version. This ensures a flexible migration process, and it allows you to customise the conversion to fully meet your needs.

Touchstone Systems has developed considerable skills for data migration and cleansing, and is committed to working with organisations to produce innovative and cost effective solutions incorporating industry-leading technologies.


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