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Touchstone Systems provide consultancy services and contract development resource based around Business Intelligence, Data Cleansing Data Migration and System Integration. Using best of breed Business Intelligence and Development tools, data can be provided in a format allowing analysis to be performed and information to be obtained.

Touchstone specialises in the migration of transaction based information from one or more databases into a reporting data warehouse, or the migration from one database format to another. This can include the migration of applications from SQL Server to Oracle, Oracle to SQL Server, DB2 migration, Access or a host of other database formats. This can include merging separate database structures into a single database, including migrating of front end applications to utilise the new coherent database structure.

We can also provide expert assistance in application integration. Ranging from batched integration via messages (such as HL7 for Health, CFT, Text, Encryption etc) or real point to point integration for real time integration.

Touchstone can provide consultancy or hands on development for such migration and data warehouse work using a variety of Business Intelligence and Data Migration tools/techniques including Reporting tools (Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Cognos), ETL tools (Datastage, Data Integrator), and software development languages.

Touchstone provides expert knowledge in several industries including Health Services. Using HL7 health messages, Touchstone is working on the national health service IT program (CfH/NPfIT).


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